Welcome to Caston Digital

Caston Digital is the company behind The iChurch Method. Our company exists to help organizations have a global presence online. We exist to provide digital solutions that help organizations connect to people everyday around the world. Here are the areas we focus on:

Websites - A Great Eye-Catching Website that is Easy-to-Use, Loads Quickly, Interacts with people and Adapts to any device

Multimedia that is Interactive and Immersive. Including Online Video, Internet TV, Podcasting, Internet Campuses, and Live Streaming

Ecommerce such as online stores, digital downloads and online donations that are secure, load quickly and easy to use


Social Media that Connects with and Engages Your Online Audience. A Consistent Strategy with Clear Goals

Mobile Solutions that reach people where they are anytime and anyplace. Apps, Texts and Mobile Sites that Get it Done!

Innovation - Whether it’s Wearables, Internet Cars, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Other New Tech, We Want to Help You!