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Caston Digital is the company behind The iChurch Method and Ten Connections. Our company exists to help organizations have a global presence online. To provide digital solutions that help organizations connect to people everyday around the world. Caston Digital Publishing is the publishing company of The iChurch Method series and the Ten Connections series. The series are the foundations of what Caston Digital can do to help advance your organization online.

Caston Digital was started by Jason Caston after he started working for mega churches across the nation. The vision is to help ministries, no matter the size, utilize technology and advance online. Whether it be a storefront or a megachurch, each ministry can do great things and change the world online using The iChurch Method and it’s five part strategy. The iChurch method along with the iChurch book were the foundation for Caston Digital LLC.

Jason Caston is the author of The iChurch Method series (ichurchmethod.com) and a digital platform specialist for churches. Having worked with major organizations and built websites and social media properties that reach over 10 million people daily, Caston has proven that his cutting edge technological savvy and business acumen have made him a sought after Digital Platforms, Internet Church, Mobile and Social Media Specialist. Caston has developed an innovative approach to helping organizations advance their online presence using a five part approach of Websites, multimedia, eCommerce, Social Media and Mobile. Additionally, Caston is the spokesperson of AT&T’s national #InspiredMobility campaign that highlights how we use mobile technology to enhance our spiritual and personal lives. Connect with him on twitter@jasoncaston.

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Caston Digital Publishing

Let’s Give Control to the Authors! We Help You Make Your Publishing Dreams Come to Life

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Our Publishing Model

We treat authors like partners, not service providers. Instead of flat fees and unequal royalty assignments, we abandoned the old model and rebuilt it with the author as our top priority.

We operate through simple contracts, guidance, and support within a community of writers. These writers work together as part of an extended network, with us, to develop the best content for a specific audience of readers. We then connect readers and writers together in a relationship that goes well beyond the printed page.

Books and long-form content are no longer just found on the printed page. It lives on screens and mobile devices and breathes through blog posts and comments. Unlike other publishers, we are aggressively innovating using the digital page to bring you embedded rich media, direct author interaction, and dynamic updates to existing books. And we are working on numerous sales, distribution, bundling, and subscription approaches, to bring the most content to you in a variety flexible and affordable ways. We are three dimensional. We value the page, the screen, and engagement between readers and writers. Today's reader should demand nothing less.

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